SGTV Channel 30/330 HD is Shrewsbury's Government Access Channel. Programming is only available through SELCO.

SGTV is a community resource that provides access to government information via cable technology for the Shrewsbury community.

Government television in Shrewsbury began with Town Meeting coverage in 1987. In February of 2002, a separate access channel dedicated to government access was created on SGTV 30. Today, government access continues to provide this important public service with regular coverage of:

  • Every session of Town Meeting

  • Live Board of Selectmen meetings

  • Monthly taping of Ask The Manager

  • Sessions of municipal or regional boards

Government Access gives a media voice to municipal government and provides citizens with a window into the workings of our municipal (and, from time to time, state and federal) government. Currently, this programming is shown exclusively on Shrewsbury Media Connection, Channel 30/330 HD.

Our policy for all meetings televised by Government Access, whether live or taped, provides for coverage that is:

  • Gavel-to-gavel: You see the entire meeting as if you
    were there.

  • Unbiased: No outside commentary or analysis is added.

  • Uncensored: We exercise no control over the content
    of the telecast.

  • Unedited: No information is removed or changed for time or other reasons

Channel 30/330HD

Government Access

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