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Become a Member

Membership is available to persons who live or work in the Town of Shrewsbury or who are members in good standing of an organization based in the Town of Shrewsbury.  In the event an applicant for membership is under 18 years of age, a signature of a parent, guardian or resident will be required to activate the membership and such membership will not have voting rights until such time the minority member reaches majority age. 


Non-Resident Membership is available to individuals who do not reside in the Town of Shrewsbury, but who are actively volunteering at the Corporation or working on a project that would have a direct benefit to residents of Shrewsbury.  A petition for this type of membership must be remitted to the Executive Director for review.  This type of membership does not have voting rights.


Members in good standing shall have access to the Corporation’s facilities, training, and equipment. Members may also sponsor outside programming from other towns, or from the internet. SMC will require proof of original creators permission. Membership is currently free.

Video Editing Station
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